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Unable to login in website.


i have host my website ( recently on go daddy. During hosting I have changed my user name “root” to some other user name (deepakx08) in config.php file and data base.
My website is running but login function is not working (Login name : password: 1234) kindly help me to resolve this.
Please note I am not much expert on php.Need your help as my developer is not supporting .

Login problem.JPG

Community Manager

Hi @deepakiitk8. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! As far as I can tell, this appears to be a custom scripted website. It would be hard to guess at what the issue you're having is without more information. You may want to provide screenshots of any errors you're encountering. You may also need to enable PHP error logging in your script and on the server if you're not seeing any errors on the screen. Please note that I had to remove your screenshot as it contained your database login information, which would not be a secure thing to reveal, even in an image. 


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