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Unable to set up hosting cpanel after reset

Hi. I have recently reset my hosting account and tried setting up a new one.  Only now when I am trying to set up account, I can go through the steps and get stuck at the third step.

What happens now is the "Next" button isnt enabled, as a result I am unable to move forward. 
Please advise how I can resolve this issue. Thanks.

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👋 @mujunaee,


Third step?!!! Hmmm would the third step be 'setting the password' ?

yes, it's a glitch. Let Godaddy 'suggest' a password, using the 'magic' password generator. Choose to show password, and take a careful note of it. Then log out after completing process. Do not let your browser 'helpfully' save pass for you. Log back in using generated password, then once in, change it in settings. 


Im tired, been working hard...... hope third step was password 😂