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Unbelievable Migration Issues



I can't believe what is happening with these big hosting companies. I was helping a friend with his migration of his hosting account on JustHost they were moving from shared to Pro/Business hosting, so i just helped and the hosting company did the migration. however it turned disastrous. First we had website and emails down for 4-5 days. Then after that was fixed, we found out that many emails were missing (gap in the emails) that was not from the period of the migration. Disaster! I was praising GoDaddy at the time. So few days ago, on 25.04. I started a migration here on GoDaddy, from Shared to Business plan, and I have very similar issues now. Some of the websites that are hosted there work well, some are pointing to an old IP address and they do not show the website. I have a client which websites should have been launched on 01.05. 😞 The live chat support found out that the migration was not done as it should have been done and they opened an issue with their "Tier 2" support. I thought this would mean fast fix, however I have received an email yesterday saying that they will respond in 72 hours! Unacceptable really! 
Another issue, i tried to move one of the websites to another host that i own, I have the access to the files and database, however when i transferred the website i have seen that the files and database are old (from 25.04.) so I have access to the old files although my CPanel says i have the new IP address and it seems like it is the new one. 
I really don't know what to say i am very frustrated so I had to write here, maybe someone will have some advice for me, while I wait for the live chat to become available (offline now).