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Unpacking Joomla Using Quickstarter



I'm running into issues unpacking a Joomla install. I purchased the Template through Inspire and the instructions are here: and they have a nice video here: I have used one of their products before on my sister's site.


On this install (on the economy hosting package) the installation says it cannot connect to the MySQL db on the second screen. I have tried installing a Joomla straight from the Applications, but when I do that it writes over all the files I unpack in the quickstart. I've also tried installing a MySQL db using the MySQL database wizard, but it always says a database by that name -- whatever I put there -- already exists.


Any ideas? I sat on a chat for about an hour yesterday, but the tech team didn't seem to get the issue. I could install the template, mods, components, plugins, etc... separately, but that won't give me an install with dummy (demo) content in place. I'll go that route if I have to, but it's much easier to unpack with sample data and just replace content / code in mods.

Any ideas? If you need to connect to me directly I'm at