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Upload local wordpress site to godaddy service on CPanel

I am trying to upload my completed wordpress site from my local server to my domain.  I have tried using the wordpress plugins to do so, (failed twice) but I am not sure about the SQL database from the local to the cpanel.  Does the database name have to be the same? I would think so.  Can I just rename the existing database to match the one I am uploading and have it work?    Is there an easy way to do this without all the rig-ma-roll.  I was just going to copy the existing local files to the existing directory at godaddy, and have the files over-written, or is that just too simple?




This is a situation where a lot of simple steps result in something complicated.


The main things to know about the database:

  1. Create it first in cPanel. The easiest option is to go through the steps in the MySQL database wizard.
  2. Wordpress uses the file wp-config.php to connect to the database, update that to match the database name, username, and password you created.
  3. You can import the database with PHPMyAdmin. Click the database name on the left of the screen, then you can click the tab for import on the top.

I was a little general here, but hopefully this gets you moving in the right direction.

well, I got the files uploaded and wp-config.php edited, but now of course, it is looking for the correct host.

Keeps calling the localhost from my pc local copy.  Any idea where I can find the server name it is looking for.  I tried using the server info from MyphpAdmin, but that didn't work.


The hostname is still localhost on cPanel hosting. The database and the web server are running on the same machine in GoDaddy's datacenter.