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Uploading HTML file through CPanel



         I just got my domain and hosting services from Godaddy. I uploaded a single file called "index.html" that only contains basic html code like headings into File manager -> web root -> public_html folder. However when I checked back to my website, it hasn't been updated yet and it still has the sentence "Future home of something cool". I was wondering if I did something wrong or what I should do to fix the problem?


Thanks in advance for the help


I realized that it works if I typed "". but how do i make sure that if someone typed only "" it goes to index.html?

Hello @darkdra771


Verify if beside the index.html file you have upload, there is another *.html file like default.html or default.htm or something like that.

Rename that file by adding OLD- in front of it (OLD-default.html) and check to see if your site is working.

Good luck.


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In my public_html folder, there are only the cgi-bin folder, CSS folder and index.html. I have deleted the home.html and the default .css file.