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Using Installatron for exisiting Zencart Addon website..

I just switched from classic hosting Linux to cpanel and I was able to use Installatron application with Zencart successfully to import my exisiting primary website and it worked fine, very easy. So I try using Installatron for Zencart to do the same for my other Addon website too. It shows it imports but when I enter the website address, it does not exist. I have tried this several times. I read it works with primary, addon, and subdomains so how do I get it to import my existing Addon website from Linux classic? The primary website was so easy, not seeing what I am doing wrong.


Hi @shnncof

This appears to be a more account specific question and without the hosted domain name it's difficult for us to pin point the issue via our community forums. I suggest reaching out to our hosting team to look into this for you. They can be reached by dialing 480-463-8824.

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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