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Getting Started

Using cPanel UAPI and API 2

I am trying to write a Windows desktop application that does some cPanel things for the user. More specifically, the user can specify to my application a pattern for a 1000 email accounts. Then, my application will log into the user's GoDaddy "Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel" account and set up the email accounts automatically. The global filter will be modified for each email account. 


I am looking at cPanel documentation


I have not been able to have my application login and create one example email account.


  1. Does GoDaddy have the UAPI and API 2 disabled?
  2. If it is enabled, which way do I log in from amongst those listed in cPanel documentation
  3. If it is disabled, can you enable it?
  4. If you won't enable it, do you have some way I can use a remote API to do these things (email account creation, deletion, etc.)?


Getting Started

Does GoDaddy have professionals monitoring the community to make sure people get answers? Or is the community soley GoDaddy customers helping other GoDaddy customers as volunteers?


I still haven't been able to get my code to work.


cPanel support thinks my code should be correct.


Troubleshooting over the telephone might involve my dictating 8,000 character error files a character at a time. And be careful because one digit or character wrong can change the whole thing. Even so, would GoDaddy telephone support be appropriate for this kind of thing to troubleshoot why my code is not logging into cPanel in my website and creating an email account?