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Using the web builder with hosting?

Hey. I recently bought a domain with the Web Builder free trial. I've worked on my website a bit, and it's all looking fine. Today, however, I bought hosting as an addon for the domain,  and my website disappeared... Sort of... If I go to https://my.domain, then my website builder site comes up, but if I go to just my.domain, then the "Future Home of something Quite Cool" page comes up.

How can I set it so that my.domain shows my website builder page, BUT, I can create extra pages in HTML through FTP, that can still be accessed in the same way?



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If you have GoDaddy Website Builder and you have created a website you should be able to access it on your base domain as an example. Forcing the https is a good thing though checkout Redirect HTTP to HTTPS automatically. If you wanted to you could point a subdomain to extra HTML pages or even WordPress to your hosting outside of Website Builder so that you end up with a I don't know if that is what you are talking about?


Please also check the status of your Website Builder to make sure that it is fully published. I hope that helps?

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