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Helper IV

Video Walkthrough: How To Install PHP Extensions Inside GoDaddy cPanel.

Hi Friends,

Check this out. -> How To Install PHP Extensions Inside GoDaddy cPanel.




Thank You.

Getting Started

What use of private topic if we can't see?

Hi, @iTesla,


I'm incredibly sorry for that, As I'm in a severe situation at that moment. Now, You can access all video sessions. I have marked that content as public. Follow the link below.


Best Regards,

Manoj Kumar. 



I have think this show installation of extensions with more info for example which ones can improve site speed and performance, because most of them say No Info when you hover mouse over them.
Thank you anyway!
p.s. hope you get well soon, long life to you.

Hi, @iTesla

That particular video walkthrough belongs to Web Hosting with cPanel. In web hosting (Linux with cPanel) environment, We have limited access and resources. If you're on a virtual private server, Then you probably have complete access to install PHP extensions and version. 

In case, If you on VPS, Use Easy apache 4 to install PHP Extensions.


Best Regards,

Manoj Kumar.