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Warning cPanel Installatron backups stopped on all my clients accounts

GoDaddy recently did an update that removed the backup setting in Wordpress Installatron websites. Before, customers were only allow a 7 day rolling backup, since the update you can select various types and longer backups but this update has left the selection unchecked. Even the radio box for 'no backups' is unchecked, proving the issue could not be user based.

I've checked over 15 of my customers to find all of their backups has stopped running due to this update. Called support and they said there was nothing they could do now the update had been made.

Check you Installatron backups and see if they are still running and post here if you have the same issue. I'm estimating this could have affected a huge number of customers as it was a network-wide update by the looks...


I just discovered that backups of my web site were not being run. The last ones run coincide with the date mentioned in this post. I re-selected the backup option in Installatron and all is working now.


Thanks for your post it confirmed that I didn't cause this problem.