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Web site without GoDaddy DNS

I have a new site (last week) on basic cPanel hosting.  I own and manage the DNS servers for the domain so GoDaddy has nothing to do with DNS. 


If I visit the IP address of the site, I get the "Future home of something quite cool."  The challenge is that I uploaded a site last Friday.  If I go to preview the website in cPanel, it shows the site, but the actual web server never has changed.  I have edited the default home.html file to change it, etc, and no changes actually show up on the site.


Does GoDaddy so something that prevents direct HTTP access to the web server via IP address?


I spent a lonnng time on chat with support last Friday, but they couldn't understand that I wasn't using their DNS so all of my web server questions were answered with "wait 24-48 hours for propagation" which I assume was referencing DNS propagation which was irrelevant.


I just spent hours doing the same thing. I purchased my domain thru google account. G-suite,  ppw shows Go Daddy as the Host. but my Domain does not show up to them, All I want to do is use my Primary with my go daddy web page. I got no resolution. I am on the DNS console. I even gave them their support pin. ????? I'm very frustrated.