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Website is accessible from phone internet but not broadband

I am having an issue whereby I can't see my website from BT Broadband but my Three network phone can see it. I have asked friends who are with Virgin Media and they can also not see it. I have been back and forth between godaddy support and BT support and no one can seem to resolve this issue. So far I know that it traces to ip ( and then a firewall blocks it to godaddy. I am really not sure what I can do the trace report shows time outs on 2 and 3 however this is apparently normal with BT Broadband.Capture4.jpgCapture3.JPG


Hey @groppo91,


Were you able to get this worked out on your own already? Based on the current info you could provide everyone here in the Community, this looks like a routing issue with the ISP as the trace confirms the connection timing out before it even reaches our network.


If you provided these same results to your ISP, they may be able to escalate this to work out another path for you to take to reach our hosting network. 


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