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Website is down and Cannot Access cPanel



Need urgent help on a weird issue we are facing.

I am able to login to our website via phone network, but when we try to connect via WIFI the website is inaccessible. The same happens when we try to access the C-Panel


The Godaddy team first says the issue is at our end. But once we show them how the error is a hoster issue, they come up with some maintenance reply and have no idea about when it would be resolved. For the past two days we are sitting ducks and there is no mode to escalate the same

The chat team is filled with folks who have no clue how to handle any weird screw ups.


How do I resolve this. I wonder if taking Godaddy was the biggest mistake or what.


This is the error I get when trying to access my C-Panel - The server at is taking too long to respond.




Hi @macha,


Thanks for posting. It sounds like it is an issue with your home network. If it is working on your carrier's network but not on your home WiFi then you'll need to contact your provider about this. 



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