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What Cpanel Applications are available w/Deluxe Linux Hosting Plan?

I've contacted GoDaddy customer service already, and they say they can't provide this.  Would it be possible for anyone who has a Deluxe Linux Hosting Plan to provide a list of what applications are available in Cpanel?


They say I have to buy it first to see what's there.  I said that's kind of like Obamacare, they had to pass it to know what's in it...


I'm particularly interested in what social networking applications are available there, I'm trying to move a network off Ning.


Thanks for any help.




Helper V



Hi there,

I put in, "social media", and had a whole page of software to choose from..... another way that would be perhaps easier is to go to .........

My original thought was to put in the search, "social media", take a snap shot of the programs to show you but there was quite a few !

Hope this help a little.....

Mrsroadrunner Photography

@mrsroadrunner, Thank you for your suggestion, I will check that!