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What is mod_items and why is mod_pagespeed not supported?

According to an article on this site, "Our Linux-based Web Hosting accounts can use mod_pagespeed" but this is evidently not the case. When I tried to use the module on my cPanel plan, which lists as "Linux Web Hosting" in My Products, it erred. I contacted tech support, who said that, "This article is for our classic hosting and not our Cpanel plans. This apache module is not installed on Cpanel." I would like to know why it isn't supported on cPanel and why the wording of the article isn't more clear. It's possible that most people think that distiction between cPanel Linux Web Hosting and "Linux-based Web Hosting" is obvious, but this seems very unclear to me. Likewise, the tech support representative said that, "Cpanel plans use mod_items." Does anyone have any idea what this is?

Super User II

Most of the articles on Classic and Legacy hosting plans were written before cPanel was available at Go Daddy.


I do agree that the PageSpeed mod should be implemented wherever possible.


Though I am not sure if is still the proper method, possibly @CG could help clarify.

Same here... I just wasted 1 HOUR on the phone with Godaddy support and they were not able to confirm if the mod_pagespeed was supported or no. The tech support representative said that "mod_pagespeed would not work in many cases because it is still in beta stage" 😡, referencing the same article (Which mod_pagespeed functions do you support?).


His suggestion? "You can always upgrade to a dedicated server so you make your own configurations to Apache". SMH 🙄 In my opinion, mod_pagespeed is not supported for Linux-based Web Hosting accounts... They are just trying to trick customers into upgrading ($$) their services. I'm planning to find another hosting service. I'm getting sick of Godaddy.