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What wrong with godaddy hosting today

First , 4 hour ago , I tried to acess and edit my website , but I cant , it show something like this “error establishing a database connection“. And then , i can acess my website , but some of image on my site is not show on tablet and mobile , but in pc , it show correctly , i tried to restore my website back to 15 day ago , but it doesnt work , and i tried to delete all of image from gallery , and re-upload it , it doesnt help anything too , my another domain on the same hosting is happened too , What can i do for this situation ?

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Re: What wrong with godaddy hosting today



I just checked the GoDaddy Network Status page and there doesn't appear to be any known issues at this time. 


What you are experiencing could be caused by so many things unique to your account that anyone here would just be guessing.  It is best that you contact GoDaddy support to check the status of your account and explain what you were trying to do and experiencing.  😉


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