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Where is the PHP executable?

I'm trying to setup a cron job, but part of the command requires me to point to the PHP executable. Is this something I can do on shared linux hosting? I only see examples for Plesk.


This is the example command provided on the phpservermon website.

Notice in their example they point to user/bin/php, but I don't see something like that in my user directory.


*/15 * * * * root /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/phpservermon/cron/status.cron.php

Looks like the answers was 



Although depending on what you need, you may not want php-cgi, but all the other PHP executables are there - php-cli and php 

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Hi @Frantumn,

Simply put 'the php executable' is the program you wish to execute (run). These would be stored in the /bin/ directory, binary files! 

I hope the following puts you on the right path. Please leave a kudos if this helps:



looks like you may have worked it out yourself...... Cat Happy