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Wheres my cpanel?

I have had this managed wordpress site for a bit now. ive simply been logging into the frontend of my website to access my dashboard. I have a custom theme, and its great, however as ive learned thing through some of my other sites this one it the only one with no cpanel. Where is that at? i cannot access it from any portion. Ive tried though my account and my site. Please help. id feel better if it didnt exist

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I'm only about 98% certain, but from my understanding, there is no cPanel for managed WordPress accounts.


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 Just to clarify, are you referring to accessing cPanel hosting dashboard or the control panel that's part of your new WordPress theme? If the former, then @jvanderb is actually 100% correct as that dashboard is not installed on our Managed WordPress hosting plans.


If you're talking about the control panel for your WordPress theme, then you'll want to provide a little more information about the theme you're using. Perhaps another member familiar with the theme you're trying to use can offer more insight on how to access the control panel for this. 


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There is no cPanel for wordpress hosted websites. Please download FileZilla to make changes to the site files.