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Which remote folder contains WordPress in managed wordpress hosting?

I have my sFTP connection properly setup in Filezilla, and can see my remote folders inside the Managed WordPress hosting. My question is, where exactly is the WordPress installation? Inside of which folder(s) does it reside?


I understand managed wordPress is limited. I am doing exactly what is shown on this support page - - but, i can't seem to locate the WordPress folders, aside from clicking around forever aimlessly, which i'd like to avoid.




Super User II

WordPress is installed in the root directory (html).  There should be many files and a few folders with the prefix "wp-" that make up the WordPress installation.

thank you - i am familiar and the wp-* folders are what i am looking for. When i connect via sFTP, those are nested inside another folder, that's what i wasn't sure of. 


These are the folders at the top level, I finally figured out it is home. Home was taking so long to respond, but it eventually did.




Oh okay, that's a little different from the folder structure I've seen for Managed WordPress.  But it's good to hear you've been able to sort it out.