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You’ve reached or exceeded your resource limits.

Why am I sent an email like this when I clearly have not used but a fraction of my capacity?

Your hosting account is approaching or exceeding its resource limits.  We recommend you add resources to stop from being sluggish or inaccessible during high traffic periods.

Clearly, you can see I have only used a fraction of my capacity. This irritates me greatly. 2018-01-26 17-20-37-644.png


Unfortunately I can't see your attachment. If you click on the CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage icon in cPanel, you can click to see graphs of your usage over the course of time. You may be intermittently hitting memory or CPU usage limits.


Make sure you've got everything configured properly before you upgrade. A lot of times optimizing your site such as adding a caching plugin to wordpress can help.

CPU Usage is 0 out of 100, in fact, the first three are all 0's. My webmaster said I was fine. That GoDaddy just wanted to push upgrades. Is this true?

In fact, this is the usage:

CPU - 0/100

Memory - 0/100

Entry Processes - 0/100

Number of Processes - 0/100

I/O - 0/1,048,576

File - 23,552/350.000

Disk Space - 1.3 GB/ ~

That's why I said looks at the usage over time in CPU/Concurrent connection usage, not the charts on the side of the screen. You usage right at the moment you look has no correlation to your usage at the time we sent out the notification.


If your website is running okay just take that as a warning that you are occasionally hitting your limits. It could just be at times your webmaster is working on your site, which means you're fine. It could also be lots of things like temporary heavy traffic from bots. It's just GoDaddy letting you know there might be something to look into.

Dear Godaddy,


My site is down, I got a notification for exceeding my resource limit. I want to upgrade to business hosting but it is grayed out at my end.


Please advise as i do not want to have any downtime