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-bash: fork: Cannot allocate memory



I recently encounter this issue Cannot allocate memory when going SSH, I notice the number of process seems to shoot up to 97/100, any idea whats causing this?


The cron job I place only fetches git repo once a day, so Im not sure if thats causing the issue. I currently disabled the cron for now. Need help.




Hey @jigz


Afraid I haven't heard of this error coming up in our shared cPanel hosting plans before. Generally this is something that appears with Server configuration management.


If you're on a shared hosting plan, I'd recommend reaching out to our live support so our hosting team can help investigate into what is causing this to occur when accessing the plan through SSH. If this is actually a VPS or Dedicated Server plan, you may want to review or start a new topic of discussion in our Developer Forums on this issue with more details of what it is you're attempting to accomplish within the server plan so other members can offer some suggestions on how to address this. 


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