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cPanel, do i have it or not?

I am very confused as to if I have cpanel for my package or not?

I am using Hosting - Web - Deluxe - Linux - US Region 


I also heard there is a way to setup email accounts in cpanel and that workspace email is going away? So how is this achieved? My cpanel, if thats what it is when i click manage next to my web hosting product looks really outdated. 


You have 4gh hosting, which is what GoDaddy was selling before cPanel hosting was introduced in 2014. 4gh hosting is older, but not necessarily worse. They make different tradeoffs in performance / stability. cPanel does more to keep customers within resource caps. This means that peak performance is potentially higher on 4gh, but if another customer's site is getting a lot of traffic and it's on the same server as you, it's more likely to affect how fast your site loads.


You'll get plenty of notice if 4gh is ever retired. I don't know when / if that's even on the roadmap. The old gal still gets the job done.


The Linux hosting you can buy from GoDaddy now, cPanel, does have mail built in. It works on a basic level, but you're sharing outbound servers and mail reputation with other shared hosting customers. It's not something that's better than workspace, or worth moving just to get.


From what I know, Workspace isn't going away as much as getting replaced. I honestly don't know how that rollout is going to work, but you aren't about to be dropped off a cliff.


That being said, there are advantages to being on the latest and greatest. I'm not saying you wouldn't be better off looking at the newer products, but there's no time crunch or pressure to do it. A month before your billing is due come up with a plan. Migrations can be smooth, but there are more potential issues than just renewing.