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cPanel keep logging me out

Im currently working on a client access here in godaddy,


set up everything with no problem, and i open up cpanel, logged id also with no problem, but when i try to access the cpanel buttons/features/settings/ it logged me out and told me one of these messages :

that my IP is changing and Your new server's ready! To start using it, please log out and log in again.


ive already tried to log all accounts off and access cpanel directly.


it keeps doing that i can barely use the cpanel, help please?


Hi @priabudiman, thanks for posting.

That message is usually caused by your browser not saving cookies or the cookies being removed while your still logged into cPanel. You might want to check your browser settings to ensure that cookies are allowed, or try another browser or computer.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 Support | Check System Status

Having the same issue, I have looked for other similar cases and possible solutions and found the following thread, which has sorted the problem.



Cookies??? Other browsers???? Sometimes looks as though we are given "solutions" just to take us out of the way.


given bs answers just to make us go away.