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cPanel restored without notification caused my data lost.


I'm very disappointed to Godaddy services.

They restored my cpanel hosting without any notification, restored passed week old backup caused me in a very huge trouble.

I lost my website data, customers' data, customer's orders and files.


First time cpanel restore was on 07-Feb-2018, restored backup on 02-Feb-2018, i lost data between 02-Feb ~ 07-Feb.

Second time was on 08-March-2018, restored backup on 02-March-2018, i lost again data between 02-March ~ 08-March


Same case happen on me not only once, but in 2 months continuously.

Contacted godaddy's hotline, they refused to admit their mistake, and refused to take any responsibility on my lost.


They not take care of our data at all. i felt like not respect from godaddy to their customers.


When i asked "why restored my cpanel" ?

They could not properly answer the actual issue.


When i asked "why restored my cpanel without any notification ? At least inform us, let us do a backup before restore"

They said normally they not contact to their customers.


When i asked "why restored old data, but not the latest data" ?

They could not answer.


When i asked "Would this cpanel restore case happen again in future ?"

They could not answer.


When i asked "Who's mistake on my case ?"

They said caused i didn't backup by my self, they advised i supposed to backup by myself every hours to avoid data lost.






Hi @Lim

We do not restore customer's data without their permission. You can however restore your website within your cPanel dashboard, which sounds like might have occurred. Without any additional information we won't be able to look into this via our community forums. You will want to reach out to our support team to discuss this further. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at


You (i mean godaddy team) DID restored my data, twice !!!

The operator in the help line did admit they had restored my data, and he said normally they won't inform customer, you have recorded my tele conversation, check it.



What do you think what else additional information i'm able to prove you i lost my data ???

Check my access logs, i do checked my records & update data everyday.

I had lost hundreds of updated records for 6 passed days, and caused me in a very big trouble.


In your replied, i can see you replied without investigation & communicate with your hosting team.


This is the worst hosting experience ever, however i'm moving out.

I can't host my valuable data on this irresponsible team.