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cPanel won't load via GoDaddy account page

I have a basic hosting account, for years. Had been dormant for awhile, then went back in to build new site recently. Was able to get things arranged, WordPress installed, etc., then started having cPanel access issues. 

I can get to my GoDaddy hosting page. If I click on the "cPanel Admin" button, it sends me to the GoDaddy login and then hangs. No error messages, just never loads (although the refresh icon is in the toolbar, refreshing does nothing). 


The domain itself appears fine ( I have cleared my cache, tried iNinja, and SSH access all with no luck. When it started initially, I reset it and started over and was ok for a few days and now I haven't been able to get in again for at least several days.

I am using Chrome and McAfee True Key. User names and passwords for FTP/cPanel setup were left as whatever randomized items were automatically generated.


Please help!