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Getting Started

database changing charset

I initially posted this in Web Hosting.

Was not sure where to post because of GoDaddy's weird board naming.


Something switches MySQL database table charset under my feet.

I added a few custom tables to an existing database (shared with WordPress) declaring their default charset as utf8. Then I uploaded a bunch of utf8 mb3 strings (mb3 is default MySQL UTF-8 version) and verified table content by dumping it. BTW, cPanel also shows utf8 mb3 as default encoding.


To my surprise, about a week later I found that table data encoding has changed from utf8 mb3 to utf8 mb4. Of course, I reloaded data again and verified encoding again. A few days later the encoding switched back to mb4 - by itself !!!


Can anyone suggest a work around it?

I currently have basic plan with GoDaddy.

They push me to buy upgraded plan as a solution, but I do not trust them.

Who knows what other trick they are going to come up with in order to push me to their next upgrade.

Thank you in advance


Getting Started

I had a chat with GoDaddy support, but did not get any warm feeling.

Got impression again that it was just another way of pushing me towards upgraded service when I'll have to deal with their host configuration issues myself.

Hey @mysql-user,


Sorry to hear about the recent experience with our live support teams. I just recently replied to your other discussion regarding this same issue at To avoid confusion, it would be best to continue this open discussion over on that thread. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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