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does GoDaddy notify/trigger bots to hit just-published websites?

i recently published a new project website and was curious about what traffic hits first (i mean within the first hours), so i looked over the logs and was curious about what i found.


i published WP thru the easy wizard, Installatron. I think this snapshot (link to image below) is showing Installatron, maybe building the WordPress website and within the same millisecond sequence “AppleWebKit,” known as AppleBot, hitting the website. It looks like somehow the installer and AppleBot have a connection. Could GoDaddy make the install trigger Apple to crawl all new websites?


kinda the same with Yandex, russian search engine. it looks like GoDaddy runs a cron job and in the same millesecond, yandex is already crawling a 2 hour old website. could GoDaddy also be triggering Yandex to crawl all new websites?


and last, note MJ12Bot (backlink database feeder) came 2 milleseconds after a GoDaddy triggered cron job.


i'm either wrong and suck at looking at log files

or those bots just frequently ping big hosting companies to catch wind of brand new websites (and the timing is funny)

or goddaddy is triggering them to come in

or somewhere in between haha


Hey @webnerd,


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I can say for certain we don't notify/trigger bots to hit your site once it's published. The second scenario you mentioned is most likely what is happening. Keep in mind that this can be unfortunate as there are some bots out there with malicious intent to compromise a site. Especially if the site is not published with proper security updates already in place. 


Since you're using WordPress, be sure you're keeping up on your updates to help prevent any issues. 


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