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godaddy cPanel issues

Greetings, New to cPanel, but i have used 000webhost before, where I only needed to upload my website files in the public_html folder and it would always index.html first. In cPanel however, it seems it does not work that way since I keep getting, "future home of something quite cool". I have 4 other default files in my public_html folder, cgi-bin, 404.shtml, home.html and layout-styles.css. If somebody would point me to the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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Super User II

Re: godaddy cPanel issues



What is your domain name and can you confirm the IP of your cPanel server?

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Re: godaddy cPanel issues

my domain name is and yes i can confirm my cPanel server IP.


Re: godaddy cPanel issues

Hi @tricktrick,


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It appears that your domain is now successfully resolving to your website with us. For future reference, here are the files that will be recognized as your home page in a GoDaddy cPanel hosting plan. 



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