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i cant import SQL filei got Script timeout passed, if you want to finish import,



please i need help here, every time i try to import my database file sql from phpmyadmin i got this message "Script timeout passed, if you want to finish import, please resubmit same file and import will resume.".


still my database not fully imported i need help, thx.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @MDammak, if you're still seeing that error message, please reach out to our live support teams for assistance.  We'll need to check out what type of hosting plan you're using, and review your php.ini settings.  Thanks!



Helper II

I would assume your database is large.

Trying splitting your backup file into smaller size and rep-loading them one by one.

Or if you have VPS or higher upload the file and recover using the command line.

Or contact support they might be able to restore it from there side (since they have no limitation) after you upload the file.