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my Account Suspended Die copyright

My account has been suspended due to copyright infringement if my members have posted a free product sold on another site. What is my problem? Why was my account suspended?
And why all this, there is no delay before stopping the account?

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Re: my Account Suspended Die copyright

Hi @hussien,


I guess it comes down to the word and meaning of copyright, let's break it down:



Meaning the RIGHT to COPY. 

This also means members posting (copying) to you site anything with copyright protection. Sometimes the copyright protection allows certain access, obviously not in this case though. 

You should read up on copyright and the seriousness of it. Respect it and bad things don't happen. Unfortunately a lot of folk online think it's a free for all. 

There is no warning given because often legal action follows and they want proof. Legal action from either copyright owner,  or the website owner. 

Please show respect of our copyright laws. Ignorance is no excuse. As website owner you are legally responsible for what gets posted on your site. It is up to you to make sure no laws are broken. 


As as far as your suspended site, only support can advise you if that suspension will be lifted. Websites are fun, but also serious responsibility.