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"Future home of something quite cool." error (possibly from a ddos attack)

The last few hours I've been trying to fix a "Future home of something quite cool." error on my site It was working before and all my files are in the public_html folder I can access my site via ftp. I just recently moved my DNS over to cloudflare. and I cheeked the access logs and I got  341 requests in a 30 minute period from an IP from cloudflare so I'm not sure if thats the problem or if it has to do with me canceling my godaddy SSL for cloudflare's free SSL. I've been using cloudflare's SSL for the last few days but the last thing I did before this happened was cancel my godaddy SSL subscription. 

FYI I have tried uploading a text file and it just gives me a 404. Its like there are no files but there is and they are in the public_html folder. I did read and research a lot before posting this


Re: "Future home of something quite cool." error (possibly from a ddos attack)

i fixed it. after hours i figured it out you cant force ssl from .htaccess if you use cloudflare. you have to do it from cloudflare. under the "Crypto" tab have SSL set to "flexible" and scroll down and turn "Always use HTTPS" on