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some file in public_html owner is root

In my Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPane some folder's in `public_html`

permissions is

`drwx------   2 root root`

I cannot read these folder's file.

Is my file in these folder aslo?

How can i backup them ?

I have try cPane admin `Full Backup` but the file cannot  found in `backup-7.10.2018_19-26-51_i007.tar.gz



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: some file in public_html owner is root

Hi @007gzs. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm not sure why you'd be running into that situation. Usually, folders within your /public_html directory would allow you to update permissions. It is sometimes possible for permissions to be set incorrectly though. If these directories are causing problems for you, you'll probably need to connect with our support team to have the situation reviewed. 


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Re: some file in public_html owner is root

im trying to put together a domain and offer from micheal cheney and im honored but, just putting it all together hasn't been very easy