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vps operating system change

is it possible to change vps operating system to ubunti

Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: vps operating system change

Hi @michaeljp64, welcome to the community Smiley Happy

Yes, you can! But you have to destroy it first, which means you will lose whatever is inside it.


Now, for changing it's OS, do as follows:

  1. Go to your server list.
  2. Click on your server
  3. Under the details panel, you will see it says OS: CentOS/Fedora
  4. Click Change, at the right of your OS
  5. Click Destroy and rebuild in the modal popup
  6. Chose your new OS
  7. Wait 3-5 minutes


Hope it helps!



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Re: vps operating system change

looks like i am stuck with it CentOS 6 + cPanel