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website not showing

have my domain and hosting with GoDaddy, use Rapid Weaver for design and publishing.  Created website, designed/FTP files which show up in the CCS folder.  however it shows the default page from root folder, is there a way to use the CCS folder (I will have multiple sites published and want to use separate folders for each) 


Re: website not showing

Simply create a folder which contains CSS file and name the folder and css file path into your header by importing method. Its easy.


Still confused then show me screenshot of your root directory i'll be more specific.


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Re: website not showing

I did create the directory but not sure what you mean by the header?  Here's the directory

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 8.32.16 AM.png

Re: website not showing

Anyone? Seems like a simple issue just not sure how to point the website

Re: website not showing

Please click on Public_html and send me SS then i may solve your problem .. I need to see files inside the public html 


Re: website not showing

I did move the files to public and it is published, thank you!