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A while back I got contacted by domain broker service, a client were interested in buying my domain. After a couple of counteroffers and bids I accepted the offer. Now 22 days later after selling my domain I still haven't received payment. After reaching out to Domain broker service I got a email stating that the client still haven't paid, and that they might need to close the claim.



I can't seem to grasp how it is possible to buy a domain and not pay? Doesn't the client need to provide somehow to pay upfront ? 


Kinda disappointed with the whole experience, I don't think that I will be selling anymore domains through godaddy anytime soon.

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@Techietech I just recently sold a domain through the Domain Broker/Domain Buy service. The potential buyer pays something around $50-$60 for Godaddy to reach out to you. I inquiried to Godaddy about how long the buyer has to submit the payment. In my experience, the longer the buyer has to submit the payment the better the odds are that they won't pay. You are able to cancel the transaction after 5 days. The buyer does not make the full payment upfront, they only pay the initial broker fee and then 20% to Godaddy when they make the payment.



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The previous reply from @justingodfrey is correct in the standard amount of days it takes to get paid. This "Seller's Roadmap" article will provide you more information. You may also email the service at to cancel the sale or clarify the status of the buyer. 

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@Techietech @TLH Just as an update, I received the payout a day or two after the domain was transferred to the buyer.