The owner of a domain is willing to privately sell it to me. What next?

I contacted the owner of the domain that I want. He said he would sell it to me, but we both don't know what to do next. Can someone tell me what we're supposed to do and how we can do this privately, without involving a godaddy broker? I don't have a lot of money. Thanks so much for any and all advice.

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It is highly recommended to use a broker to facilitate the transaction to make sure it goes smoothly.  I have used GoDaddy and Sedo without any problems, which are similarly priced.

Hi Nate. Thank you for answering.
Yes, I totally understand that, but just for my edification, what needs to be done? How does he transfer it to me?

An account change to move a domain between accounts at the same registrar.


A transfer to move the domain to a different registrar.

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Great. Thank you for your help!