Domain goes straight to 'Didn't Sell'?

After my domain gets out of pending, it goes straight to 'Didn't Sell', not 'Selling'. It is ''.

Why is it doing this?

GoDaddy just emailed me explaining it was trademarked πŸ‘

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Yeah, trademark is an issue here.  Even though we can register any domain we would like, if it has a trademarked company/product/service name, you are just wasting your money.


Big companies like Walmart have of teams of lawyers scouring the net looking for infringers.  If that were to be used on a website, it would be a matter of time before they would file a DMCA complaint and get the site shutdown.


It is even wise for small little guys like us if we have trademarks to check every so often to make sure our trademarks aren't being used by anyone else.


So cut your losses and turn-off autorenew as there is nothing you'll be able to do with that domain.


HTH! πŸ˜‰


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