When Can I sell my domain?

Hi all!

I have just joined today, I also have bought my first domain today too.

I was wondering when I can sell it, straight away or after 60 days?

It was created back in 2013, if that helps.

Helper IV

Once you acquire or register a domain name, there is usually a 60 day lock to prevent you from moving it to another registrar. You can sell it to someone who has a GoDaddy account and move the domain to their account because that is not considered a registrar change.

So if my potential buyer already has a godaddy account, I can sell to them individually straight away and not wait 60 days?

You should be able to, although there can be unique circumstances (in which case you would need to cal goDaddy support). And if they don't have an account, they can always open one (there is no cost) to acquire the domain and then move it into a different registrar after the hold expires.

Thank you for the quick reply Tony. Thank you for your patience with me.

If I negotiate a price with a potential buyer, and agree to an offer, do I sell the domain over godaddy, i.e do I set up some sort of private listing? Or do I take a payment via paypal?

thanks again

The actual sales process has many facets... far more than I can effectively spell out here. I will leave you a few tips:


1. I like using a sales agreement to document the sale.


2. I always use a 3rd party (i.e. GoDaddy, Flippa) to handle the transaction. You will pay a fee ( a percentage) but it reduces the chance of fraud because the 3rd party holds the funds until the domain transfer is completed. Both will allow you to set up a listing (GoDaddy as premium listing and Flippa as a $1 classified ad).


3. I typically do not use PayPal because its easy for someone to dispute a transaction.


I hope that helps.

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