Getting my Domain Back

I let my domain expire due to the incorrect card being available on my account to charge it. 


I cant seem to see it anymore on my account to renew it and reactivate my website. 


Any assistance would be great. 


Thank you! 

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Hi @EuPVC_Louise,

Sorry but after a domain expires due to either non renewal or non payment of registration fee, then it won't be kept for you. If you want your domain back then there is a chance you can buy it again if someone else has not already bought it. A simple godaddy domain search can confirm if it is available still. Though I must say that repurchasing a domain name begins a fresh process and does not restore all or any previous settings or data. It is a brand new domain. The same goes for hosting too. 

A chat with support can only help here if the domain expired very recently, like today. Then there is a small possibility to reinstate it. 

Thanks @Retired


Not ideally what I wanted to hear, things like settings/data I'm not too concerned with as it is hosted elsewhere. It was the domain I purchased through this service.


I have found the following information, it seems it still with GoDaddy for a redemption period, i wonder would it be possible to get it back. 

   Registrar: GODADDY.COM, LLC
   Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 146
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: No nameserver
   Status: redemptionPeriod
   Updated Date: 17-jun-2017
   Creation Date: 06-may-2013
   Expiration Date: 06-may-2017


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Hi again @EuPVC_Louise,

i would chat with support asp and see what they can do. I have needed and searched for redemption most of my life lol. 

It does indeed look like it's possible to save it. Please don't take my word for it though, please chat with support asp

Best wishes. 

Hi, I had the same issue and it seems GoDaddy doesn't make it easy to get the domain back even though you have a grace period up to the 18th day after expiration to get it back for the price of renewal. Between 19 and 42 days after expiration, you are charged $80 + renewal fee. At day 26, your domain is placed on an auction, but it doesn't matter who bids because you can get it back if you pay $80 + renewal up to day 42. After that, the domain goes to the highest bidder or is returned to ICANN as available.

IDK why GoDaddy advisors wouldn't mention that in the replies to your comment??? Although I'm sure support would know about it after you called...

I am currently searching on where I can click/go to pay the $80 because I do not see any links and it is only day 27

Hi @The_Pope


You are correct in the time-frames that you mention for expired domains and that article is a great reference. If you don't see an expired domain in your account (but it still reads "redemption period" in the whois) it can be found in the "Expired Domains" screen and renewed there.



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I have had that issue before and godaddy told me I could not get my domain back even though it still was managed by godaddy I was able to save it by transferring it


In the event that a domain expires from the account, it may fall into a Redemption period where the domain may still be recovered. is our Help article for recovering expired domains in these statuses.

Depending on the TLD, certain domains follow different expiration processes (ccTLDs like .UK, .SG, etc., among others), so you would want to reference the GoDaddy Help article for the specific TLD you are looking to recover from expiration.

If the domain does not show available to be recovered or the Help articles do not clarify enough, you can always reach out to our Support department and we would be happy to see if the domain can still be recovered!

Hope this helps!

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My phone was hanging and I was frustrated so I mistakenly deleted my domain name.I was about purchase my wordpress hosting.customer care sucks
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Hi @abeeba05,


i dont understand why you would need to be calling support in order to purchase hosting. Unless of course your payment method wasn't accepted or recognised. Please explain more.... 

I mistakenly deleted my do I get it back
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Hi @abeeba05,


well you are going to have to rethink 'customer care sucks' because it's customer care (support) that you will have to speak with so they can restore your domain. 

Rule number one, watch which bridges you burn.....

I have the same issue and seem goDaddy want to sell our domain with higher price in the auction. 

After auction, if no one buys your domain, they will buy. I don't know why goDaddy do that. They seem to want to make money on our trouble. 


My domain not even expired, and just after renew it, then you put me to do the domain setting again??


Where is my previous domain setting, ALL GONE with the wind.


Please let me know how to recover all setting. Support is slow