DNS not working on NSLOOKUP

I have been a customer for many years with DNS hosting and tonight is seems NS29 and NS30 are not working.  I am doing an NSLOOKUP for some hosts within my domain and it is not responding.  Is the DNS environment there having issues?


HI @MISGroup


Thank you for your post. Haven't had any contacts tonight about the Nameservers not resolving but if there is an issue please contact our support line so that we may review the concern in detail to see if there are some existing issue. 


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Same problem here. for ns19 and ns20.

Interestingly ns73 and ns74 did work 2 weeks ago approximately but now don't for a different domain I tested. 


As for support. I have spent hours with them they put into the customer notes and thats it. 


By me btw it seems that it also causes problems with qmail for some older unpatched versions as one of my vendors complained. Seems that it does a DNS any query and goes crazy when it gets EDNS replies.


One of the many times I finally  got a supervisor which created a ticket with advanced support once but the reply was that nslookup is compatible and no option to reply. This was after 1 hour on the phone.


If you need support look elsewhere.