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Re: Domain Renewal

@bluemax02 wrote:

2018.01.10 - i have been connected to my URL's via GD for years now.  So frustrating to see the high renewal fees - it seems my loyalty is not appreciated.  Right now I control 20+ DOMAINS.  Today i attempted to renew some expiring domains - the process was awful, without a doubt the most cumbersome process i have ever experienced in my 50 years of marketplace activity.  i spend about $200K per month on the internet;  never have i experienced such a difficult process for such a simple activity - it is obvious that GD has made the process awkward & clunky intentionally.  Be assured, i am on a hunt to find a more respectable domain registrar - as soon as possible i will be transferring all my current controlled domains to another vendor;  and all new purchases will be accomplished via yet a third website. 

@bluemax02 I own thousands of domains and I"m not sure what you're talking about. I renew domains daily and the process is quite easy for me. If you own 20 domains have you considered the Domain Discount program? Also, you can renew the domains right through your domain manager, click the checkboxes next to the domains, click "renew" on the upper menu and then "renew domain name", you can then click "express checkout" and the process is done.


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