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Re: Domain registed in GoDaddy by previous owners

@Choppy wrote:



I'm very new to web hosting and domains, so sorry if i sound a bit clueless.


I recently bought a domain via google ( late december 2018. Recently we tried to register this domain to an email service provide but it turned out that the primary domain has already been registered to GoDaddy by the previous owner.


So, how would we go about removing this as we do not have access to the GoDaddy account that has resisted using what is now our domain.


We will be happy to provide any necessary documents proving ownership.


Thank You

Hope to hear from you soon



@Choppy  Some clarification is needed here. You say that you registered a domain name through Google but according to the whois that domain is registered at Godaddy. I assume you're trying to setup email through Godaddy and you're receiving an error message saying that the domain is already associated with another email/hosting account? If so, you'll need to reach out to Godaddy support and have them remove that domain from the email/hosting account so that you can add it to yours.



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