Domain not forwarding to entered URL

My is forwarding to a listing on my Etsy page ( I want it to forward to the home page ( I enter the URL and save it. The message says the change is successful, but nothing changes. It continues to forward to the listing.

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It appears to be working as desired for me.  Redirects can be cached at a few levels between you and the website.  It would usually work itself out within a few hours for repeat visitors, and generally new visitors would get the latest version.  You can try resetting your modem/router but it could also be at the ISP level.

Typing in in my browser gets me my Esty listing ( not what I set my domain to forward to which is my Etsy home page ( My Facebook "Shop Now" link goes right to my Etsy home page but with a more complicated URL ( Must I use someone else's computer to check if my domain is forwarding to my home page? 

When you say it is working, what URL are you being forwarded to? Please
paste it in your replay.
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It is forwarding to for me.


In Windows open Command Prompt (cmd) and type

ipconfig /flushdns



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