DKIM and SPF Record Setup 's

I've searched this topic and found several answers.  Issue is that I don't know what I don't know, so hoping someone could help confirm a few things.



- I have several domains that have been purchased AND Hosted via Godaddy

- For the aforementioned domains, I have purchased email support for the domains via go daddy, which I understand is hosted via Office 365

-- we use help scout email crm to manage and reply to inquiries. (zen desk, soho, fresh desk, same thing) 

- We frequently correspond with customers via email and our emails quite frequently end up in spam/junk folders or blocked by ISP's.- (this was true when using outlook 365 webmail, outlook client and/or help scout)



- I understand that to increase the frequency of our emails ending up in a customers  "inbox", I should add DKIM and SPF entries so that more DNS recognize where these emails are coming from.     Is this accurate---do I add both, one or the other, or do something else?


- Do I get these entries (the strings that need to be entered in Godaddy dns) from Office 365 webmail or somewhere else?


- Is there something that needs to be done in addition or in lieu of outlook 365 to address the help scout component--eg outbound emails initiating from HS client, showing up as sent from (I can check with them on this....just curious if anyone knows off top of head....think of this like fresh desk, zen desk, soho...all pretty similar)


Really appreciate any guidance...TIA!

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Hi @schmidthead. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I can touch on a few of the points you've brought up. Take a look at this post for more information on using DKIM. Essentially, you can use this with Office 365. The CNAME record values you need to set up are generated within the admin center, but the CNAME hostnames are specific to what you're trying to add. The article I link to in the other post has more details. 


In addition to DKIM, creating SPF records is also important to have mail delivered consistently. The recommended SPF record to use for all GoDaddy services (including Office 365) is:


v=spf1 -all

I hope that helps. 


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