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Hi, I have read the previous comments regarding purchasing a power BI pro licence via your Go Daddy subscription and that in late 2019 this was not possible.  Is this still the same position?  It seems nuts that i can't buy a Power BI Pro subscription via my Go Daddy subscription especially as it's an approved Microsoft product. 

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Hi @KimRivelio. Thanks for posting. Power BI would be considered an ad hoc subscription. These are now possible (and have been for quite a while). However, in order to have this option enabled, you'll need to contact our customer care team. I would specifically try to get in touch with our Productivity team if you have further questions on Microsoft 365 products. 


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Hi @JesseW  thanks for your reply.  I have spoken to GoDaddy tech support who first of all told me they didn't know what Power BI was, then told me it was not available via GoDaddy not even the free desktop version.  I told him this was false as i already have the free desktop verision via GoDaddy.  He then agreed to refer this to the advanced team who told me that ad-hoc subscriptions were allowed via my account but that they could not add a pro licence to my account nor give me instructions of how to do this as it was not a GoDaddy product, I'm honestly dizzy from going around in circles with GoDaddy and Microsoft.  If i try to buy the licence via Microsoft the process refers me back to my GoDaddy admin account which doesn't give any options to buy and then when i speak to GoDaddy they say I can have a licence but they can't tell me how to purchase, this whole saga is nuts!  I would appreciate any additional help / advice that you can give me.

My apologies @KimRivelio. I thought this was possible but it is not. The free/trial version is available but the Pro version will not be available on an account with us. This is because access to the Outlook Admin Center (OAC) is needed. Because of the way our Microsoft 365 plans are set up, this is not possible. We are in the process of making the OAC available to our customers, but that won't be available until probably sometime next year. Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion on my part. 


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just wondering if there are any workarounds for this? I’ve just set up two accounts for my business, however not being able to connect to power bi and power apps in the coming months may cause us an issue.