nothing works quite right in website builder.

Website builder is definitely better than it was but still doesn't work as I expect it should.  Seems like it frequently misses marked photos to upload.  I often choose a gallery type and then when I publish, it looks completely different an d then I have to change types of gallery.  What gives,  today it cut off the heads of all the birds I was trying to post.  Dragging photos for ordering is a real chores and is very glitchy.  Should be able to reorder on the one it is going to look like.  

At least your menu system has cascades now BUT finding the teeny weeny little spot I can drag a menu item around is purely maddening.  

I am guilty of paying and not using the product because of these problems but, by golly, I am going to get some usefulness out of this stuff I pay so much for and I am going to give much more FEEDBACK when it doesn't work right. 

At least Adobe fixes the places where navigation or behavior is poor but I don't see that here.