Reserve Cart Items

I have not gone very deep into the GoDaddy website builder yet but I am not seeing this option. I need to create a very simple online store for a retail store. We sell a lot of items that we only have a few in stock and they go quick when sold on facebook. I want to be able to publish items to a website but I need the cart to have the ability to "reserve" or remove the stock from the available quantity count as soon as a customer puts it in their cart. From that point there should be a time limit they have to checkout before it is again released. With what we sell things go very quick. Think of a flash deal type website but each item may have 2-3 in stock. It would be very frustrating for my customers to shop the website just to get to checkout and find that half of their cart is out of stock. Is this an option with GoDaddy website builder or can anyone possibly point me in the right direction? Thank you!