Testimonials/Reviews on my website?

Hi, I have received many positive reviews on my activity by email which I want to add on my website.

I would like those senstences to appear randomly and automatically, like what we can do with pictures. 

Currently, I have writen each sentence on a ppt page, saved as gif file and am adding to the website as picture.... but it does not work, as I wished as it occupies to much spae on the page. If I could write the text , would be better.... please advise.

Many thanks in adavance




I'm looking for the same functionality - if you find something - please pass along and I'll do the same.


Thanks - Jeff


Looks like you never got a response. Many of us would like to do something similar with online reviews.


I've done this kind of random testimonials display before for some customers with the http://embedsmiles.com testimonial app - hope that helps! they should be able to put it together for you too

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They can but for yet another fee. This shouldn't be too hard to do if godaddy would like to include it. Greatly appreciated.