Re: Domain, DNS, and 404 issues

You were sort of correct...I have hosting with godaddy and a domain I have another domain that also has ssl from namecheap which is 


What has been set up is for the to be forwarded to This wasn't working according to namecheap because I did not have the correct settings in the zone file. I worked out what a zone file was and added the domain. Testing with nslookup works now, where it didn't yesterday. 


Namecheap have again said the issue is on the hosting end. What I can't work out is what I need to do to get this to work, since in theory it should be possible, or so godaddy support informed me. Since I can't get a refund on the namecheap domain and ssl I would really like to be able to use it. 


For some reason ends up at the page either times out, or I get 404.  At this point I'm guess I just have to undo the redirection and have to purchase another domain and ssl with godaddy.